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Welcomes You to the Community

No more hiding. 
Be free.

Free to be you. In all your shades and colours, in any way you feel today. For gender is fluid, and expression is yours to play with. An art form of identity and self-expression. Met with reservoirs of acceptance in our community.

We understand. We are with you.

Self-expression is an art form. Don't be held back by the binary-pushing society, that fails to give you an artist's palette to work with. Or makes you feel wrong for veering left of the norm.

I am not normal.
Never have been, never will be.

Somehow I found support. To be free. To float in my own aura of identity, and self-express however felt genuine to me in that moment. I am not a woman. I am not a man. I am nothing, but me. In all of my uniqueness and individuality. I am irreplaceable. I am inspirational. I am ready to explore where no one has before. To venture into the throes of this revolution of gender, and feel alive in whatever form I may take, at whatever time.

No constraints. No fear.

Just breathing in the freedom it is to be me, and exhaling in rhythm with this revolutionary community surrounding and supporting me. I am the movement. I am the change. Let's grow together.

Every thread weaving your personality makes you distinct, and should be expressed, not repressed. I'm asking you to show us who you are. There's no mould you need to fit. There are no standard blueprints to read off of.

When I'm standing here.
Yelling at you that I love you.
Yelling at you that you are free.
To fuck up, to be proud, to make mistakes, to adventure, to experience.
How will you feel then?
Will a weight be lifted?
Will a pressure be gone?

And what will you do then?
Who will come through?

What sides of yourself have you been hiding?

- I know why - 

I know you seek safety, 
in conforming to your surroundings.

But I'm telling you, we all want to see every speckle of your colour. All of your differences. The way you see things. The way you see yourself.

Show us.

- Give us that gift - 

You can inspire.
You can evoke change.
and us together,
Can spark a revolution.


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