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People Magazine Feature

#BeBodyAware, founded by Tia Duffy, is a campaign celebrating diversity of bodies in order to combat society's highly limited beauty standards. 

Early in July, I had the pleasure of shooting with this crew of talented folks. The duo of rad stylists in Pretty Ugly decked out Tia and I in all Canadian designs. 

A few weeks later and the campaign landed itself in some big-time media! First, we showed up in Ireland newspaper The Irish Sun.

The next day, we were broadcasted to an audience of millions through a post in People Magazine online. You can bet my eyes googled out of their sockets when I saw that they had included a quote from me:

“I am a person who identifies as gender-queer, and I mix elements of my femininity and masculinity to match who I am on the inside,” says Stead. “I want to be accepted in the fashion industry for my beauty and self-expression, without feeling limited and having to stick to one side of the gender binary.”

— J Stead

It feels amazing to be spreading the sentiment behind Be Body Aware's message, and especially to be able to get the word -genderqueer- out circulating to mainstream audiences. 

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