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Baby's first media blitz

Here we go; entering the realm of publicity. Pretty cool.This month, being Pride month, got NEWFRDM a healthy dose of attention.An interview of J in Australian...

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Venture Out Conference

Venture Out was Canada's first conference for LGBTQ+ in tech and entrepreneurship. They asked little ol' J to be a panelist at the Queer Identity...

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Getting accepted to Futurpreneur

I did it! the Holy Grail of small business opportunities in Canada, a Futurpreneur loan and mentorship program, are now mine. What is Futurpreneur? They...

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Hugs For Orlando

What a tragedy. What a shock. What do we do now?After hearing about the mass shooting in Orlando on June 11th, a great sadness fell...

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People Magazine Feature

#BeBodyAware, founded by Tia Duffy, is a campaign celebrating diversity of bodies in order to combat society's highly limited beauty standards. Early in July, I had the pleasure...

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NEW FRDM Welcomes You to the Community__________________________________________________________ No more hiding. Be free. Free to be you. In all your shades and colours, in any way you...

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